An Introduction To Street Photography

Street photography is a misunderstood art, it’s practiced by man but perfected by few.  The discipline struggles to make a place for itself in the world of art because so few have excelled past the snap shot to true street photography.  The simple task of documenting ones surroundings could be done by a well-trained monkey with access to an automatic camera.  Telling a story with your photography, one that is interesting enough to pull your audience into your images is a true art.  If you’d like to improve your street photography beyond documentation to a true art then check out these articles from PhotolisticLife.

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Street Photography 101 – Techniques For Avoiding Camera Shake

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Everyone has struggled with camera shake at one time or another, even the pros do.  Whether it’s accidentally leaving your ISO to low or not watching your shutter speed camera shake is a pain in the butt.  In the article above I talk about different methods of ensuring your images stay blur free by maintaining an adequate shutter speed using various techniques.

Street Photography Intro – Increasing Your Comfort Level

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The largest hurdle for any would-be Street Photographer is the fear of photographing strangers, whether justified or not.  In this article I talk about overcoming your fear of photographing strangers and unlocking your full potential.

Street Photography – Using Framing To Isolate Your Subject

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Street Photography can be a tricky thing, if you aren’t careful your subject can get lost in the sensory stimulating scene.  In this article I talk about a popular compositional tool, framing, and how to use it effectively as a Street Photographer.

Street Photography After Dark

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In this article I talk about some low light Street Photography techniques that will get you excited about going out after dark.  Low light Street Photography is some of the best photography out there.  I talk about different composition tools, camera settings, and other tips to get you through the adventure of shooting after dark.

Street Photography – Capturing More Meaningful Moments

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What makes great Street Photography?  This is what I talk about in the article above, I talk about taking your photography to the next level by capturing more intimate shots of your subject.  Getting close to your subject isn’t good enough if you’re unable to capture a meaningful moment.

Improve Your Photography With The Decisive Moment

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Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the phrase Decisive Moment and in the article above I talk about what the decisive moment is and how to achieve it.  Admittedly, the decisive moment isn’t exclusive to Street Photography but Street Photography without it is not Street Photography.

Street Photography – Black and White Vs. Color

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The age-old battle….  Black and White Vs. Color!  Don’t worry, I don’t take a side here.  In this article I will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each technique and help you decide which makes the most sense for the type of subject you are shooting.

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