Go On Assignment – Urban Rest

I started Photo Challenges a few years ago on PhotolisticLife and readers would participate in completing challenges and then submit their photographs via the site or our Facebook page, the best of which would then be featured on PhotolisticLife.com.  Here at DecisiveShot.com we will have something similar but more Street Photography centric called “Go On Assignment”.  Each assignment will challenge you to capture dynamic photographs that are more than a snap shot.  You can post your shots on our Facebook page and the best ones will be featured on the site.

Wanna play a game?  Let’s pretend you’re a photographer on assignment for a photography magazine or website.  Your job is to capture a specific image for use in an article in an upcoming issue.  Complete the assignment and share your results with the rest of us on our Facebook page for a chance to be featured here on DecisiveShot.com.

The assignment is called Urban Rest, your goal is to capture people resting in the city or town in unlikely places.  Try not to pick the low hanging fruit…  For example, a homeless person sleeping in a doorway is neither unusual (sadly) or what we are looking for.  Can you complete the challenge?

Try not to dig into your archives for this image, try to only use images taken after you’ve read this assignment.  After you’re happy with your results you can head over to the Facebook page and share them with us.