Humor In Street Photography

We put a lot of emphasis on getting composition right; framing, leading lines, reflections, etc..  Once we get our composition ironed out we focus on the content (literally).  Interesting subjects, neat shadows, dynamic lighting, and humor.  The title of this shot is “…I didn’t even warn them” and the dinosaur actually ate the two girls in the image, it was messy (I’m kidding, no humans were hurt in the making of this image).


…I didn’t even warn them

Humor in photography is a universal language, whether you’re shooting in Tokyo or Arkansas, people from all over the world will be able to interpret what you’re trying to convey.  If you’re looking for a style in Street Photography or you just want to get a little more notice you may want to try incorporating some humor into your images, have a little fun.

It’s worth noting that humor at others expense is really easy, challenge yourself to capture humorous images that aren’t at someone’s expense.  Photographs of really overweight people are sad, not funny.  Homelessness is never funny.  People getting injured should make you feel empathy not tickle your funny bone.  Use smart humor and people will notice, people will appreciate your images.

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