I Am Humbled By The Amazing Photographers In The DecisiveShot Flickr Group

Have you visited the DecisiveShot Flickr Group lately?  If you’re a fan of street photography you should seriously check it out.  Of all the street photography groups I follow this one has some of the best shots I’ve seen.  Well done guys!  Here is a small sampling of some of the great work you’ll find in the group:

East Village NYCThe shot above was taken by Roy Savoy with the Hipstomatic Oggl smart phone app. This photograph has the three C’s going for it; contrast, composition, and content. The gesture of the trumpet player is perfect, he looks lost in his music as he casually strolls down the street. The fact that the image is black and white with the figure contrasted against the white wall gives the subject visual dominance over the rest of the images… This is a great example of the fact that what is left out of the photograph is just as important as what is within in. Had the angle been wider I believe that the dominance the subject has in the image would have suffered. Nice work. Bowling Alley Ballet

This image was taken by Flickr user Conjror with Apples iPhone 6. If you look through the groups photos you’ll see a number of great images taken by Conjror with an iPhone, his images have caused me to give a second look at the iPhone as a secondary street photography tool. How many street photography images have you seen lately that document people bowling? Me either. I like the moment captured here, the bowlers body is in a great position as if he’s put everything he has into that last throw (roll? toss?). The image looks good in color, though I’m left wondering what the black and white version would have looked like. Great shot!

Under the Khajou Bridge, Isfahan, IranOne of my favorite images as of late is this one taken by Robert Moore. The photo was taken with the Canon EOS Rebel T5i. This image takes advantage of composition elements like symmetry, layers, and balance. There is a lot going on in the image but it adds to the interest rather than distracts from a singular subject. The subject of the image, to me, is less about a singular object or individual and more about the time and place. Street photography is the documentation of the life and times and I feel like this photograph documents that perfectly. When I look at this image I feel like I get a glimpse of what life is like Isfahan, Iran. Very nice work. Untitled

Another photograph by a photographer I really enjoy, Albert Zipp. This is another great example of layering, the kids in the foreground, the people behind them, and what really caught my eye; the people crossing the high bridge in the background. All of these layers, captured the way they are, give the viewer the sense that they are right there in the mix of it. The color in the image is fantastic, you can almost smell the suntan lotion. Awesome!

Well, that’s it for now. See what I mean by feeling humbled? There are some amazing photographers and photos in the DecisiveShot Flickr Group. Make sure you check it out and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

* There are many, many, many more really great images in the Flickr pool.  If you don’t see yours here be sure to check back often, I review the photos in the group daily and often pull images out of chronological order to feature here. 


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