Inspiring Street Photography Images By Martin Weibel

Here in Pennsylvania it’s raining ice and miserable outside…  I’d love to be out and about with my camera but sitting here with a warm coffee listening to classical music as I type this is feeling pretty good.  On days like this, days I need a little inspiration to get out and shoot, I like to review other photographers work to get a little inspiration.  The video below is full of great Street Photography by Martin Weibel that will undoubtedly inspire the dickens out of you.

I especially liked his remark in the notes below the video:

My time for photography was limited. That’s why I focused on subjects just around the corner. Not less interesting but often difficult because it’s hard to see new and interesting things in the familiar surroundings.

I often hear photographers talk about being uninspired where they live, I’ve been guilty of this.  I think he sums it up beautifully, It’s not impossible, it’s just more difficult.