ISO 6400 Street Photography – Seeing In The Dark

ISO 6400 Street Photography is, you guessed it, photographs taken with ISO 6400…  But furthermore, these are photographs taken after then sun has set, shooting after everyone else has hung up their camera and took their bubble baths.  There is something ethereal about Street Photography after dark that beckons me to explore the shadows.  The city becomes peaceful yet dangerous, quiet but tense.  It’s really quite amazing how different a single street can look after the sun has gone down and street lights have flickered on.

People tend to let their guard down when they feel like nobody can see them, they take on their natural form.  You may see a woman who’s always fashionably dressed taking her dog to pee while wearing her pajamas and slippers with her hair in curlers.  Perhaps you’ll come across a couple, half in the shadows and half under a street lamp, stealing a kiss.  If you have never practiced Street Photography after dark you may be missing out on some of the most interesting photographs you’ll ever take.

The shot above, titled “Working Late”, was taken with the Fujifilm X100T at ISO 6400, it’s an impressive camera.  The X100T handles ISO 6400 almost as well as my Nikon Df which is saying something since the Df is probably the second best low light camera available to consumers.

*Shooting at night in a city presents many great opportunities but also poses many dangers.  I’ve been approached by shady people on multiple occasions and by the grace of God I’ve never had to part ways with my gear or wallet.  If you can, always take a friend with you…  the bigger the better.  Always let friends and family know where you’ll be and when you will be returning. 

Do you push the limits of your camera?  Feel free to share some of your ISO 6400 (or higher) images via the Facebook page.