October 3rd Street Photography Workshop In Pittsburgh

Workshops are a great way to take your photography to the next level, meet like-minded individuals, and explore the city. I’ll be leading a workshop this fall (Oct. 3rd) called Street Photography 101. We will tackle technique and composition, learning how to create images that tell a story rather than ordinary shots of strangers looking at their phones. Here are some things you can expect to learn:

Learn to see the shot before it's gone.

Learn to see the shot before it’s gone.

Ideal Camera Settings

We’ll cover the best settings for street photography, scrapping the notion that we’ve got to shoot this way or that because someone told us to.  Things like lighting, subject matter, and creative effect you’d like to achieve can all impact the settings that make the most sense.

Panning requires specific settings far different from day to day street photography.

Panning requires specific settings far different from day-to-day street photography.

Anticipating The Decisive Moment

One of the focuses of this workshop is learning how to anticipate the decisive moment to capture street photography images that stand out.


Knowing what to look for can ensure you create dynamic images that most photographers simply miss.

Join the workshop to learn how to stay a step ahead of your subject and previsualize the images before they happen.

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DSCF2080What makes a great street photograph great?  Composition.  It’s not enough anymore to simply capture a moment, we’ve got to be able to capture the moment in a deliberate and visually pleasing way.  Strong composition can be the difference between a snap shot and a great shot.  In the workshop we will discuss compositional elements as well as the things that impact them such as timing, positioning, and lighting.

Mastering Light

Shadow Reflections

Shadow Reflections

The workshop will be four plus hours long and is deliberately timed to take us past sunset for a reason, some of the most dramatic street photography can be found after the sun has set.  We will cover hand shooting in low light and how to use available light to capture breathtaking images.

As you can see, this isn’t your normal photography workshop where a bunch of people get together and tackle things like leveling your horizon or making sure you don’t blow out your highlights.  Don’t be misled by the “101” in Street Photography 101, street photography is one of the most difficult genres of photography and we will be covering advanced techniques and compositional skills that will take your photography to the next level.  I will spend some one on one time with each participant and help you work on a specific goal you want to achieve.

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