Pier Pressure – A Street Photography Series

Kauai 2015

Yes, you read that correctly, pier not peer…  Get it?  Every once in a while I like to put together a small series…  A photo story if you will.  The shots below were taken on the Hanalei Pier in Kaua’i Hawaii while I was on my Honeymoon.  My wife was gracious enough to relax on the beach while her husband wandered around photographing strangers.  I’m truly blessed to have such an understanding wife.

0615_untitled_005-2I shot this series with the Nikon Df and the retro looking NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Special Edition Lens that was developed specifically for the Df.  I’ve studied a number of street photographers over the past few years and some of their most memorable photographs were the images with kids playing in them.  Something about how the children are living in the moment and enjoying life to its fullest always captures my attention.

0615_untitled_001As I moved closer to the end of the pier the children were beginning to try to outdo one another.  One child would jump off and belly flop to the cheers of his friends.  Another boy, not to be outdone, jumped off and did a front flip into the water which resulted in a lot of whooping and excited clapping.  Finally, this daredevil you see in the images decided to throw caution to the wind and climb to the top of the structure.

0615_untitled_006-2As the boy climbed to the top of the pier the other children grew quiet in anticipation.  He looked back only once, making sure everyone was watching…  He wasn’t going to do this twice.  When he looked back the other boys began to cheer and egg him on, making sure he wouldn’t back out.  After only a few moments the boy stood, cocked his arms back, and launched himself into a backwards flip that landed him perfectly in the water trumping all the previous attempts.  He had won the respect of his comrades.

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