Street Photography Advice From A Veteran

From time to time I come across some really great videos where Veteran Street Photographers share their secrets with the world… For free! This video, featuring veteran photographer John Free, is brimming with great tips for Street Photographers of every skill level.

Pay careful attention to his tips on the 20 degree shift, his trick to get closer to his subjects without them knowing he is taking their photograph. This is something I practice regularly and have had some really great success with it. It’s similar to looking through your subject as if they are in your way when in reality it’s them that you are trying to photograph.

My favorite quote from this video comes when he was asked why he didn’t take a particular shot:

“Sometimes it is just as important not to take the shot as it is to…”

Do you have a favorite Street Photography resource you’ve stumbled upon somewhere on the internet?  Feel free to share with the rest of us in the comments below.