The Importance Of Persistence In Street Photography

Shooting street photography in the summer can be difficult depending on where you live, it can be hot and muggy and the days are long.  I often find myself wondering around the city well after dark still hunting for an interesting shot.  You see, If I’m not satisfied after hours of shooting I’ll usually push on rather than succumb to exhaustion and be disappointed the rest of the night.  Sometimes it pays off with a great shot and other times I am just satisfied knowing I pushed myself a little further than I would have otherwise.

JMB_9059Next time you grab your camera and head into the city tell yourself that you’re staying until you create an image you’re happy with no matter how long it takes.  Don’t settle for average, if it takes you until midnight then stay until midnight.  Crank up your ISO and look for creatively lit areas and wait for interesting subjects to pass through.

JMB_9020What are you waiting for?  Grab your camera and get out of here.  Wait!  Bookmark so you can find it again, you really liked it…

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