The Streets Of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh 2015

Sometimes The Streets Of Pittsburgh shares people’s story and sometimes the story is about taking the persons photograph, but the emphasis is always on the quality of the shot.  I started The Streets Of Pittsburgh in order to share with others the beauty of the city, the diverse people and culture that permeates our fair city.

Pittsburgh has some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  The majority of street photography I do is candid but once in a while I come across someone I want to photograph and there is no way to do it without alarming them and potentially losing the opportunity.  When I saw this guy sitting near the bus stop I knew I had to ask for his photograph.

The reflections in his glasses, the cigarette hanging from his lips, and his gritty beard all come together to make an interesting photograph.  I simply let him know that I am a street photographer and would like to take his photograph.  He said “sure” and I was off…  I took a few shots from his right and a few shots on his left to try and get the right reflection in his sunglasses.  The shot above is the one I was happy with.

Bookmark if you’d like to follow The Streets Of Pittsburgh as it evolves and grows.  I will continually add images of the people I meet in the streets.  My goal is for you to feel as if you’re right there with me, so close you can smell the streets.