The Streets Of Pittsburgh

The Streets Of Pittsburgh was inspired by the awesome work of Brandon Stanton (Humans Of New York).  The Streets Of Pittsburgh is an ongoing series here on, I’ll be taking you right into the heart of the city to meet some of her most interesting characters.

While walking towards the cultural district I came across these guys skating on the sidewalk.  This must be a pretty popular place for skaters because this is the second time in a row I came across skaters in this same spot.  The youngest boy was rather outgoing and approached me while the other two kept their distance.

Are you on Instagram?  I’m “long name with an underscore that I don’t remember”, will you tag me?”

…Sure…  There was about a .02% chance I would remember the Instagram name he gave me.  Sorry.



Hopefully he stumbles onto this site and sees his photograph, I’m sorry I’m so bad with names (but in my defense, you lost me at the first underscore).  If you have a street photograph taken in Pittsburgh that you’d like to share feel free to visit the Facebook page and post it.