The Streets Of Pittsburgh

The Streets Of Pittsburgh was inspired by the awesome work of Brandon Stanton (Humans Of New York). The Streets Of Pittsburgh is an ongoing series here on, I’ll be taking you right into the heart of the city to meet some of her most interesting characters.

This shot was taken on the Roberto Clemente Bridge, facing the north side.  I took about 5 photographs, initially I wanted to get a photograph of someone in the distance walking towards me in the snow.  I kept shooting as he got closer and this image turned out to be much stronger than the one where he was in the distance walking towards me.  The Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap really pulled everything together.  What says Pittsburgh better than someone wearing a Pirate’s cap walking over one of the many iconic bridges in the city?

Shooting in the city when it snows is a surreal experience.  Instead of people being angry about having to trudge through snow most everyone is in high spirits, taking in the beautiful sights of a snow covered city.  I even witnessed a snowball fight at one of the bus stops.