The Streets Of Pittsburgh Print Magazine Is Available

The Streets Of Pittsburgh is one of the most popular series on PhotolisticLife and DecisiveShot so I thought I’d do something a little different.  I’ve compiled some of my favorite black and white images taken on the streets of Pittsburgh in a print (and e-book) magazine that’s available starting today.  If you’re a fan of my photography and/or the city of Pittsburgh and would like a copy of the book you can hit this link here.

What’s In It?

Great question!  Pictures.  Seriously, every page has a photograph and there is no advertising or fluff.  This isn’t your normal magazine full of tutorials or guides, it’s been stripped of all but the most essential text.  The images have no titles, only the camera that took them and the ISO they were shot at adorns each photograph.  If you’re a fan of black and white photography then you’re in luck, every photograph is processed this way.

Why No Titles Or Descriptions

Perhaps in the future.  This magazine was created void of titles, descriptions, and colors to eliminate all distractions.  When someone gives you a descriptive title to an image it influences your interpretation of the image.  I wanted to create something that was almost like a silent movie when you viewed it, something that stimulated your imagination.  My hope is that you spend several moments studying each image rather than flipping quickly through it.

Hit the link above to order a copy and keep DecisiveShot and PhotolisticLife bookmarked for updates.

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