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DecisiveShot.com was created to cater to Street Photographers around the world and add to the already flourishing community of online resources for Street Photography information.  As you may have already guessed, DecisiveShot derives it’s name from the phrase “Decisive Moment” coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson.  This is obviously not a mistake, if Street Photography is to be taken seriously as an art then we have got to capture stunning images…  The decisive moment is the secret sauce.  So thanks for visiting and hopefully you’ll find enough inspiration and information to capture your own Decisive Shot.

About Me:

My home is near Pittsburgh, P.A. in the United States and I love photographing in the city.  I love to travel and have practiced photography all over the world.  My passion for Street Photography has grown into what you see here, the DecisiveShot.com website.  My goal is to encourage others to practice Street Photography and improve beyond the snap shot.

What Is Street Photography?

I’ve read many books, magazines, and blogs and nobody seems to be able to agree on what, exactly, Street Photography is.  Perhaps it’s easiest to explain what it isn’t?  Simply photographing a person in the Street, though it’s photography in the street, does not qualify as Street Photography.  Street Photography tells a story, conveys a feeling, or captures an idea.  Street Photographers rely heavily on compositional rules and technical know how to create images that intrigue viewers.

Does Street Photography Have To Be Candid?

Yes and No…  That is sort of like asking if you could complete a NASCAR race in your Prius.  Sure, you could but you’ve almost guaranteed you’ll end in last place.  Candid Street Photography is the best and to be perfectly honest if you’re asking your subject to look this way and that then you’re really just an impromptu Portrait Photographer.  That’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t ask for permission, there are times when you definitely should.


Though I asked this person if it was alright to take his photograph it’s still street photography.  The person was standing just as he is in the photograph before I approached him and his reaction to me photographing him was genuine…  I did not tell him to look pissed, that was all him.  Had I asked him to smile, act angry, look away from me, etc. then I would have myself a nice impromptu portrait of a stranger.

As with any form of art, Street Photography and what makes “good” Street Photography is completely up to you.

Street Photography

Street photography is photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment.

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