Pittsburgh Photo Walk – Game Day

Whether I’m in my home city or visiting a new one, I strive to capture the essence of the city…  A shot that sums up the ambiance of a city within the frame.  The day I took these shots was game day, the Pirates were playing and there were fans coming out of the woodwork to head over to PNC Park.  I thought I’d try to capture a few photos that captured this game day spirit.  How did I do?

JMB_0195 I have to give this guy credit, there is no way he couldn’t have noticed me running down the sidewalk on the other side of the street to get myself into place for this shot.  Then I “discreetly” chased after him to set myself up for about a dozen more shots until he reached the Pirates stadium.  I found myself jogging to get into place a few more times that evening, like in the shot below.

JMB_0253This guy was moving quickly, I trailed him until he was in a good position with the sun lighting up his umbrella.

The shot at the very top of this article was the last shot I took of the gentleman with the flag, I had chased him a few blocks in hopes that I could capture part of PNC Park in the shot with him.  I’d love to know what was going through his mind when he noticed me chasing after him for all of that time.

What I took away from this last photo “walk” was that good street photography is easy…  just not simple.  Getting a great shot means staying up late, running till you’re out of breath sometimes, and walking in and out of uncomfortable situations and shrugging it off.

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