The Streets Of Pittsburgh – Gallery Crawl Night

Have you ever wondered why gallery crawls are called crawls and not walks?  I haven’t.  The last gallery crawl, like the ones before it, was a treasure trove of eccentric people and activities just waiting to be photographed.  I even saw an eccentric photographer in a red suit (possibly Bedazzled), twisting and twirling through the crowd, taking shots over his shoulder and through his legs like a man-ballerina on ecstasy…  Manerina?*

*I’m not actually an idiot, I just play one on the internet.  Male ballerinas are called danseur in French, or ballerino in Italian…  And now Manerina in English.  You’re welcome Websters Dictionary.  You. are. welcome.

DSCF3364In a rare event the city closed part of Forbes Avenue causing some significant, likely rage inducing, traffic.  Gallery crawlers were drawn here likes moths to a light, they had set up a large stage and some lights that would occasionally blind you as you walked down the street…  Who needs their vision at a gallery crawl, right?

When I saw the guy (above) checking out his work, he was setting up the light display, it was the perfect shot to symbolize everyone being drawn to the loud music and retina burning light show.

The theme was India In Focus so the venue was full of Indian music and rhythmic dancing.  And dancing they did, it was beautiful.  In fact, they got everyone else to join in too:



I can easily say that shooting at the gallery crawl events in Pittsburgh is one of my favorite times to be a street photographer in the city.  Unlike major sporting events, the subjects don’t all dress the same and generally act very independently of one another.

DSCF3371Lately I’ve been taking more and more shots that are out of focus a bit, not because I have eye problems but because I like the muted effect they have.  Looking at images like the one above, to me, is the hearing equivalent to listening to music with your head under water.  It could be loud rock and roll but it would still sound quiet and peaceful while you’re under water.

DSCF3383This shot jumped out at me because of all the juxtaposition and similarities.  It feels like one of those pictures where you have to find all of the matching shapes.  I’ll get you started…  The legs are all similar in stride, two guys have their hands at their face in a similar fashion, you’ve got old and young, tall and short, suit and tie versus sweatshirt and jeans, and they are all African-American.  I’m sure there is a lot more going on there but that’s all my feeble brain can muster up for you after developing the word Manerina for Websters Dictionary.

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