ISO 6400 Street Photography

ISO 6400 Street Photography is, you guessed it, photographs taken with ISO 6400…  But furthermore, these are photographs taken after then sun has set, shooting after everyone else has hung up their camera and took their bubble baths.  There is something ethereal about Street Photography after dark that beckons me to explore the shadows.  The city becomes peaceful yet dangerous, quiet but tense.  It’s really quite amazing how different a single street can look after the sun has gone down and street lights have flickered on.

One of the benefits of seeking out darker places/times is that there tend to be fewer people around and you’ll find yourself more willing to explore with the camera in ways that you may not if the area were brightly lit and well populated.  It’s as if you become closer to being invisible…  Imagine the photographs you’d make if nobody could see you (don’t be a perv).

This shot was taken at Bryant Park in New York City.  There is a beautiful park nestled behind the New York Public Library that is full of life and opportunity.  I could have spent hours photographing in and around this single block of a park (and have).


The shot above was taken with the Nikon Df and there has been zero noise reduction done in post processing.  The settings of the camera were as follows:  ISO 6400, 50mm, f/4, and 1/160 of a second shutter speed hand-held.  I am amazed at the low light capabilities of the Nikon Df over and over again.  I’ve yet to run into a situation where I had to put the camera away because it was too dark.

The ISO 6400 Street Photography series has been one of my favorite series I’ve done so far, pushing the camera to the limits is making me more confident to shoot in any and every situation.  If you’d like to participate you can head over to the Facebook page and post your ISO 6400 images there.