The Streets Of Pittsburgh

The Streets Of Pittsburgh was inspired by the awesome work of Brandon Stanton (Humans Of New York). The Streets Of Pittsburgh is an ongoing series here on, I’ll be taking you right into the heart of the city to meet some of her most interesting characters.

I found these two in front of Heinz Hall right in the heart of the cultural district downtown.  I first saw them from the parking garage after I had parked, I was on the 4th floor so I had a birds-eye view.  I often walk to the edge of the parking garage to see if there is an image worth taking before venturing off into the city.

My favorite part of this photograph was way the two men were dressed.  The contrast between the white hat and scarf and their jackets/pants made them stand out.  This shot looks as though it could have been taken sometime in the 60’s rather than 2015.

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