The Streets Of Pittsburgh

The Streets Of Pittsburgh was inspired by the awesome work of Brandon Stanton (Humans Of New York).  The Streets Of Pittsburgh will be an ongoing series here on, I’ll be taking you right into the heart of the city to meet some of her most interesting characters.

I met this guy as I was walking through the cultural district downtown.  He’s a bike messenger…  I didn’t even know Pittsburgh had bike messengers but he looked like he was the real deal.  My camera caught his eye and he let me know that he recently picked up a film camera while on a motorcycle trip.  He only does the messenger gig during the winter and takes road trips on his motorcycle during the summer.

Do you know anyone who can process film?  I found an old camera at a flea market and I’ve got eight rolls of film I need to process.



I’d love to see what type of photographs are on those eight rolls of film!  If you read this and want to share some of your shots, head over to the Facebook page and post some.