The Streets Of Pittsburgh

When I think of Pittsburgh I don’t think of the small downtown area (admittedly, it’s growing).  I think about all of Pittsburgh, the downtown area and all of it’s surrounding neighborhoods.  Besides, if you ask anyone living in one of the surrounding areas they will tell you it’s just as much Pittsburgh as downtown is and they have the taxes to prove it.  I came across this gentleman just outside of the downtown area in the North Side.

The image above was taken on the side of the off ramp from Route 28 North.  Jeff, from Mckees Rocks, is the guy you see selling the roses in the 90+ degree weather.  He hustles up and down the parked cars all day in the sweltering heat on the black top that magnifies the temperature beyond what the mercury indicates.

The first thing I asked, and I’m sure anyone who has seen him wonders, was “do you like your job?”  He said:

Yes, very much.  I meet a lot of interesting people…  And I make the pretty girls scream when I give them a flower.

Interestingly, I learned that the guys who sell the roses on the side of the road work for one of the various flower shops in the area, not themselves.  After meeting Jeff and learning a bit about him I’ve decided to support him the best I can by buying as many flowers from him as I can.  My wife thanks you, Jeff.

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